October 2013

Hovertravel improves communication with passengers via SMS text messaging service

Customer service is an essential factor in the travel and transportation industry for any organisation wishing to succeed. Commercial travel services, especially, have a duty to keep their passengers informed about any cancellations, disruptions or unscheduled events. Due to the very nature of Hovertravel’s service, the world’s longest running commercial hovercraft service and only scheduled passenger hovercraft service in Europe, this is not something that the organisation has full control over, as the weather conditions can affect its service, causing delays or, in the extreme, cancellations. … Read More

University of West London Improves Student Relations With SMS

The nature of higher education establishments means that students are often off site, making it difficult to communicate last minute information to them. With its familiarity and practicalities, SMS text messaging is an ideal way for students and teachers to interact. It’s also a highly practical method of communication for academic establishments, which often have tight administrative budgets. … Read More