November 2013

Automated SMS Alerts, Communication & Marketing Messages

SMS automation software can significantly help organisations contain costs, improve communication and reduce risk. SMS is a highly effective and reliable form of communication that can dynamically integrate into existing ERP, CRM or warehouse management systems, helping to improve customer communications, deliver management alerts, generate new business as well as monitor critical systems and equipment. Automating the data driven creation and distribution of SMS messages also guarantees the timing, relevance, personalisation and performance of communications. … Read More

Why old-school SMS is still a powerful mobile marketing tool

Really good article by Eric Lazar on The Next Web discussing how effective SMS is in the marketing mix, better than email campaigns and how it can be used as a gateway channel.

“As companies begin to explore the possibilities of SMS, text messaging opens the door to a wide range of other new opportunities: from MMS, to collecting users’ email addresses, to location-based engagements. Even voice programs and the incorporation of links within texts to drive traffic to a mobile website — all of these features incentivize consumers to further engage with the brand and become more connected across multiple channels.” … Read More

10 Creative Marketing Ideas Using SMS Text Messages

An interesting and useful article providing ten ideas for using SMS for marketing…

“SMS marketing is a powerful and easy way to advertise your business without the high costs of television or radio advertisements. With 95% of all text messages opened, it’s a surefire method that will keep you in touch with your clients.” … Read More