January 2014

SMS for developers

SMS for Developers & Software Vendors

Despite the recent drop in consumer usage of text messaging, the demand for SMS usage for business matters and its integration into bespoke software developments is becoming more prevalent. Many organisations realise that SMS text messaging provides a quick, effective and cost efficient way to communicate with customers, employees and partners and therefore want to integrate this capability into their own systems, including BPM, CRM, ERP or a host of other industry specific software. … Read More

M:Science SMS integrated into council, manufacturing, NHS & retail software projects

StyleTech Solutions, a bespoke software development specialist for both public and private sector organisations, is using M:Science’s SMS products and services to integrate SMS functionality into its products. Specialising in bespoke software development, with a focus on NHS and Council through to retail, manufacturing and distribution, means that every development StyleTech undertakes, whether it’s via an SMS route, a mobile application or a software system, is specifically designed for the client. … Read More