SMS Voting for UK Bhangra Awards

M:Science SMS Service Selected by UK Bhangra Awards 2017

M:Science is pleased to announce that it is one of the main sponsors of the UK Bhangra Awards 2017 and will be responsible for implementing and running the text voting in the run up to the awards ceremony. The organisers of the event, Culture Unite, will be using M:Science’s SMS service for the fourth consecutive year, having used it every year since its inception in 2014. … Read More

Improve Customer Service with A2P SMS

Over the past year I have noticed that A2P SMS notifications have become more prevalent, and more entwined into my dealings with numerous organisations including financial establishments, retailers and travel companies. Thankfully, this isn’t a deluge of spam – these messages have actually made life easier or provided me with relevant information. … Read More

SMS for Guitars on the Beach

M:Science Provides SMS Service for ‘Guitars on the Beach’ Record Attempt

M:Science’s SMS service is being used by the organisers of Guitars on the Beach, a free event that is attempting to break its own record for Britain’s biggest band.

The event, sponsored by Fender and Planet Rock magazine, taking place on Saturday 6th September, on the beach in Lyme Regis, Dorset, attracted 2,276 guitarists last time, breaking the record with a mass jam of Buddy Holly’s ‘Rave On’. … Read More

SMS Two-factor Authentication

Secure Your Business With SMS Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Protecting data and preventing ID theft are major concerns in this digital age. As we access and upload personal and sensitive data on a more regular basis, making sure that these environments are secure is a major factor for users and businesses-alike. Despite its simplicity, SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) has become one of the answers to this problem, with bespoke financial solutions, Google, Facebook and Twitter all adopting this method to secure their services and data. … Read More

First Choice Software Releases Version 4 of RDB ProNet

First Choice Software has announced that version 4 of RDB ProNet is now on full general release.

First Choice Software has been supplying premier recruitment software to the recruitment industry since 1996. RDB ProNet is its latest product, a feature rich, client server, recruitment software technology platform able to provide access from anywhere, anytime. Suitable for all sizes of business from start-ups to global enterprises, RDB ProNet is available on-site or in the cloud. … Read More

Inbound SMS Numbers For Receiving Text Messages

Inbound SMS numbers allow mobile phone users to send a text message directly to your email system, application or website using a virtual number. One of the best examples of how inbound numbering works can be found on popular TV shows where viewers have the ability to text-in a vote or question. However, you could setup different inbound numbers for a wide variety of purposes, particularly marketing. … Read More

SMS for Emergency Services

When an incident occurs emergency services need to be able to contact crews, get vital news to authority members, management teams and staff. Quick, reliable communication is therefore essential to disseminate this information.

Organisations also have a duty to inform and keep businesses and residents up to date, as well as provide the capability for the public to contact the organisation.

During crisis management, and for business continuity, SMS text messaging is the perfect channel to deliver this. It enables emergency services to contact the relevant people quickly and easily, thanks mainly to its availability, ease of use, instant connectivity and wide adoption. … Read More

SMS for Retail

SMS for Retail

Effective communication in the retail industry is crucial to business success. Retailers need to exploit every possible channel, especially in this digital age, in order to improve internal communications and develop the customer experience.

Consumerization has changed dramatically in the past ten years – customers now expect the shopping experience to be integrated across a number of different channels. The widespread adoption of mobile phones is a major contributing factor in this change in attitude and behaviour and needs to be exploited if businesses are to be successful. … Read More

Healthcare & NHS Services Adopt SMS for Appointment Reminders

The NHS has revealed that it has lost millions of pounds because of the number of patients failing to turn up for appointments. Out of 94.1 million hospital outpatient appointments in 2012/13, 6.9 million appointments were not attended, costing the NHS £745m. It is also estimated that more than 12 million doctors’ appointments are missed each year. … Read More