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SMS Developer Products & Solutions

Our developer products and solutions enable you to SMS enable virtually any part of your IT infrastructure, providing the ability to integrate text messaging capability into specific operational systems such as CRM, HR, ERP, websites or Intranets, as well as help you develop bespoke solutions.

Which product do I need?

SMS Developer Tools

Our developer tools provide all the products or solutions that developers require to integrate SMS - including client API, SMS Web Service, SMS Plug-in and access to a wide range of programming language codes.

SMS Server

Integrate SMS Server seamlessly into business applications. The API can be called from any development platform supporting ActiveX technology, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, VBScript, JavaScript and ASP.

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Inbound Messaging

Our SMS plug-in provides the ability to easily create and integrate an inbound message handler to accept inbound message data. Lease dedicated inbound numbers or shared inbound numbers with keywords.

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SMTP Forwarding

SMS Email Gateway provides two-way text messaging and server-side integration with groupware or messaging applications. An extremely simple way to send text messages via existing corporate email systems.

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Sample Codes

Access a wide-range of codes to help you install SMS into your systems.

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Guides & White Papers

Download our developer guides and product white papers

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Check out FAQs for each product or contact the support team.

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Case Studies

Discover how StyleTech integrates SMS into its bespoke solutions

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Two-factor Authentication

Discover how SMS can be used to send One-Time Passwords (OTPs) to improve an organisation’s security via secure access and 2FA.

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