Inbound SMS Numbers For Receiving Text Messages

Inbound SMS numbers allow mobile phone users to send a text message directly to your email system, application or website using a virtual number. One of the best examples of how inbound numbering works can be found on popular TV shows where viewers have the ability to text-in a vote or question. However, you could setup different inbound numbers for a wide variety of purposes, particularly marketing.

If you lease a dedicated inbound number you have the choice of routing all messages sent to this number to one or more users or allocating any number of keywords so that when a message is sent to the number which commences with the keyword, it will get routed to any selected user – for example, a different inbound number for each department, building or region of an organisation.

Plug-it In
In order to receive messages, you must implement what is known as an inbound plug-in. Different inbound plug-ins can be allocated to handle each inbound number or delivery receipts. They can be easily set up from within M:Science products, and provide a template for creating an inbound message handler. This data may then be used as required by developers. For example, sent to a database that is accessed by another application.

The simplest way to write your own inbound numbers is to modify the template code which is supplied in the installation directory of SMS Server. It is also possible to apply rules to inbound texts, via a simple routing mechanism built into SMS Online.

First a test is applied to each inbound message. This is a check to see if the message begins with or contains a specific keyword. If this test passes, then an action can be applied. This is either to automatically reply to the message with a template or to move the message to a folder.

Buying an Inbound Number
For a quick and easy way to acquire an inbound number, log on to SMS Online and navigate to ‘Administration->Inbound Numbers’ and select ‘New’. You will be given the option of evaluating or purchasing a dedicated inbound number or acquiring a keyword on a shared inbound number. Inbound numbers can be paid for via credit card on the website or via pro-forma invoice.

Dedicated inbound numbers take around five days to be configured, upon completion of which the purchaser will be contacted. The annual rental charge per inbound number through our gateway is £120. We do not charge for inbound messages. However please note your standard network charges will apply.

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