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SMS in Education

With its familiarity and practicalities, SMS text messaging is still a major player in the further and higher education arena. SMS is an ideal way for students and teachers to interact. It’s a highly practical method of communication for academic establishments, which often have tight administrative budgets.

Rapid Communication

Members of pre-defined groups, such as classes, can be sent the same message with just one click, making the distribution of important information to the relevant individuals rapid and cost effective. Also, the nature of higher education establishments means that students are often off site, making it difficult to communicate last minute information to them. With SMS, students can be reached in any location almost instantaneously, which has proven to reduce absences and increase student retention.

Personal Messages

Other advantages that have been noticed by faculty members come from less tangible benefits. Some institutions have used SMS to improve student-teacher relationships in what is often an impersonal environment, by texting students congratulatory or commiserative messages, regarding work. Using SMS also adds variety and interest to learning, meaning that students are more likely to respond to and retain information.

M:Science provides its SMS Server to the Educational sector which seamlessly integrates into existing email systems to allow you to send and receive instant SMS text messages as though you were sending a normal email. Imagine the benefits of having the ability to instantly contact your students.

Benefits of SMS

There are numerous ways that SMS messaging can be exploited to improve healthcare communication:

  • Make students instantly aware of lecture venue/time changes or cancellations
  • Alert students to any event that is planned
  • Inform students when course and grades are ready to be collected
  • Marketing by the Student Union e.g. promotions at the SU bar
  • Students informing teachers of their absence
  • Voting for Student Union activities

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