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SMS in Finance and Insurance

Direct communication with customers is paramount for organisations in the financial and insurance sectors especially if they are handling time-sensitive information. As one of the quickest most reliable forms of communication, SMS messaging is the perfect channel to adopt into any communications strategy.

Fraud management

Every mobile phone is capable of receiving text messages and is not reliant on web connectivity issues, device or operating systems. Mobile phone users also have constant access to their devices, therefore SMS messages can be received and read instantly - usually within a couple of minutes. This is particularly useful for managing fraud as customers can be notified immediately of new activity or changes to an account, such as a new payee being added via online banking.

Customer loyalty

Sending out notifications to customers regarding policy renewal reminders, updates regarding claims or providing account balances and statements can significantly improve customer relationships and loyalty. It is also possible to set up a two way channel enabling customers a cheap and easy way to communicate with the organisation.

SMS messaging is also a very cost effective form of communication. Bulk messages can be sent out at a fraction of the cost of phone calls or man hours spent on email. In fact, 30-50 messages can be sent per second (144,000 messages in an hour) when using M:Science’s SMS web service.

Benefits of SMS

There are a number of different ways that SMS messaging can be used in finance and insurance:

  • Bank fraud prevention and alerts
  • Account balances and statements
  • Notifications regarding interest rate and currency changes
  • Insurance policy renewal reminders
  • Updates regarding claims
  • SMS marketing can generate greater brand awareness

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