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SMS for Housing Associations

In order to succeed, housing associations need to provide clear and effective communication with tenants in order to create a culture of mutual trust, respect and partnership. As a service provider, housing associations also have a responsibility to provide tenants with the ability to easily contact them.

Maintenance and Servicing

A two-way service is useful for tenants to easily contact the association and inform associations about problems that have arisen, provide feedback on the service they are receiving as well as contribute to future plans and developments. This open communication can minimise misunderstandings, as well as help to build trust, understanding and mutual respect between landlords and tenants.

Maintenance and servicing is often cited as one of the most problematic areas for housing associations. Contractors or maintenance staff turning up when a tenant is absent costs money and wastes resources. However, with better communication and reminders being sent out, this can be avoided. Contacting tenants regarding late payments or overdue rent is another key element that many associations use text messaging for – with effective results.

Field Based Communication

It is also important for associations to have a cheap and effective way to communicate with contractors, field based support and maintenance staff in order to keep costs down and achieve better time management, thus providing a better service.  As many associations have discovered, one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of achieving this is by harnessing the power of SMS messaging.

Benefits of SMS

There are a number of different ways that SMS messaging can be used to help housing associations:

  • Send reminders to tenants regarding maintenance
  • Contact tenants when rent is overdue
  • Tenants can provide feedback on issues and services
  • Update contractors and maintenance staff

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