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SMS in Recruitment

With increased competition in the Recruitment sector, trying to find ways to differentiate your business from the competition is becoming harder. Increasing competition to fill vacancies before competitors is one key factor. Often it is the agency that can also get work for the person first that will keep a job seeker happy. If you can’t alert a candidate to a job before your competitor you risk losing valuable business.

Cutting the Cost of Communication

Perhaps the biggest headache for any recruitment agency is ensuring positions are fulfilled on time. Attempting to contact potential candidates can often be a frustrating, expensive and time consuming experience. By sending an SMS to all suitable candidates for a vacancy rather than calling around you can make instant savings in both time and money. A potential job seeker can then reply to this text. This way you are offering a cheap alternative for them to answer your request.

Cutting Costs

SMS Server will allow you to make significant savings on day to day communication between clients and mobile agency staff. Keeping mobile staff updated via text message can avoid costly landline to mobile phone calls. SMS Server gives you the ability to allow a mobile user to send an SMS text directly to an email inbox as well as reply to a message that you have sent to them.

Benefits of SMS

There are many ways in which SMS text messaging could help recruitment agencies. Here are some examples:

  • Alert all job seekers to latest available positions
  • Reduce costs of day to day contact with regular clients
  • Keep your registered clients database up to date
  • Keep mobile staff updated with text messages rather than costly landline to mobile calls
  • Allow job seekers to reply to messages

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