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SMS in Sports and Leisure

The competition for the disposable income of consumers has increased significantly for small but rapidly expanding hospitality companies. The factors driving this competition are the increase of new entrants to the marketplace, the proliferation of alternative leisure activities and the every-increasing expectations of the consumer. As a consequence, the creation and development of strong customer loyalty via communication is now fundamental to the growth of these businesses.

Customer Relationship Management

Sports organisations also benefit from improving communications with customers, whether it is marketing forthcoming events and offers or keeping them up to date and informed about bookings and fixtures. A clear channel of communication is essential to stay ahead of the competition and to provide good customer service to retain their custom.

SMS Marketing

With 92% of UK adults owning a mobile phone, all of which are capable of receiving SMS messages, carefully created SMS campaigns can be highly effective. People are also more likely to see, read and act on messages through their phones than any other form of communication. According to many reports, 97% of text messages are read and 90% of these are read within four minutes.

Bulk SMS messaging is the quickest and cheapest way to contact customers, whether it’s a targeted group of five people or a database of thousands. SMS marketing can generate greater brand awareness and also provide new opportunities for revenue generation.

Benefits of SMS

There are a number of different ways that SMS messaging can be exploited to improve communication in the sports and leisure industries:

  • Provide alerts regarding games fixtures or cancellations
  • Distribution of promotional codes and discounts
  • Confirmation of bookings
  • Promotion of forthcoming events and functions
  • Integrate existing marketing activities with SMS
  • Generate greater customer loyalty

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