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SMS in Transportation

The biggest issue for any organisation in the transportation business – whether it is coach companies, ferry services, haulage firms or taxis for example – is the ability to communicate with personnel whilst they are on the move. Obviously, taking calls at the wheel is a serious offence, but information and updates still need to get through and the best way to do this is via SMS messaging.

Passenger Updates

SMS messaging is not reliant on web connectivity issues, device or operating system - every mobile phone is capable of receiving text messages. Communication is also direct as messages are sent directly to the intended recipient’s hand. This is very useful for airline staff that can receive a message as soon as they have landed.

SMS messaging is also an extremely useful and reliable form of communication to deliver alerts, notifications and reminders to passengers. Airlines can send reminders to print boarding passes and ferry companies can inform passengers about changes to travel times or cancellations. Many car breakdown services also use text messaging to keep in contact with stranded drivers as it provides a cheap and efficient way to keep them updated.

Communication on the Road

“Once we had implemented SMS Server it enabled our head office based logistics team to communicate with drivers, as and when issues became apparent. Drivers would then check their messages at every stop, then action,” explained Mark Wallace, Warner Arnold Coaches. “This has radically driven down costs for us. Most drivers use their own phones. So all we have to worry about is a relatively fixed cost each month in term of buying the bundle of text messages.”

Benefits of SMS

There are a number of different ways that SMS messaging can be used to improve communication in the transportation sector:

  • Make staff instantly aware of schedule changes
  • Communicate with personnel whilst they are on the move
  • Inform passengers about changes to travel times or cancellations
  • Confirmation of bookings
  • Promotion of discounts and special offers
  • Allow people to request information via their mobile phone

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