Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland Installs SMS Software for Exam Result Notifications & Event Reminders

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS), a leading professional body for chartered accountants (CAs), with almost 20,000 members worldwide, is using M:Science’s SMS Server and SMS Online products to improve communications with its students. ICAS wanted to provide a quicker and easier way for its students to receive exam results and also needed an additional communication channel to enhance member awareness of events and courses.

“Originally, we needed a quicker, more efficient solution to send our students their exam results. A student sends their registration number via SMS to our automated SMS account, which enrols them to receive their results. On a results day, students that enrolled via the SMS service are issued with their results at 8am,” explained Andrew Baillie, Head of Information Technology, ICAS. “Additionally, members that book an event or course receive an SMS message the day before their scheduled event with a reminder of the location and time. In the future we are considering using it to send reminders to students for key events like class dates or exam date reminders.”

Having trialled M:Science’s products, ICAS decided to install SMS Server as well as create an SMS Online account. Both these products have enabled ICAS to easily develop a text messaging service to improve communications. ICAS has found the service to be intuitive, easy to use and helped the organisation expand its communication with its members.

“This SMS system has helped improve our services to our members and students by allowing ICAS to send targeted information to their mobile device. As everyone mostly has a mobile device, the SMS service makes it extremely convenient for the students. For example, they no longer need to be sitting at a PC at 8am in the morning to login to get their exam results,” said Baillie. “The ability to utilise a convenient mobile communications tool that can send information to our members and students in the knowledge that the message is getting straight to them in the palm of their hand is extremely beneficial.”

M:Science’s SMS service delivers over 99% reliability thanks to dual redundant servers and automatic failover. M:Science also prides itself with the level of support it offers and is always willing to help partners develop solutions that work.

“I have been impressed by the stability of the service, as well as the reminder that gets sent when the account gets low,” said Baillie. “In addition, the fact that all the SMS messages are retained in the online admin area is also very useful when we want to audit received SMS messages. My experience of M:Science has been very good. Any time I have needed to contact support with any questions or issues, they have always been resolved quickly and efficiently.”

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