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M:Science Partner Programme

M:Science works in close partnership with its partners and resellers to add real value to their existing product portfolios and to help build and grow their customer base. We provide a fully comprehensive support service to partners, end-users as well as for product integration.

Build a partnership that works

To share in our success within the constantly growing SMS software market, you can now apply to become a certified M:Science SMS Server Partner.

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Partner package offers the ability to embed our powerful applications into any application, system or bespoke solution. You also have the opportunity to earn on-going commission from the SMS messages that are sent by your customers.

Generate extra revenue

As an M:Science partner you will receive:

  • A guaranteed flat-rate (rather than a varied %) on all standard online purchases.
  • A free demo account for testing, development and demo purposes.
  • A monthly commission report highlighting how much money you have earned.
  • Receive extra income from additional services such as inbound numbers and short codes.

Become an M:Science Partner

To begin the application process please contact enquiries@m-science.com.