Step 1.

Create a free SMS for Sage Act! account today and receive
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Step 2.

Update your contacts within Sage Act!, to have an Email-to-SMS address

You need to specifically store an Email-to-SMS address for your contacts and most organisations chose to store this in a second email address field for the desired contact/s.

The format for the address will be [mobile-number], so for example:

Step 3.

Sending your first SMS message in Sage Act!

In order to send your first SMS message, all you need to do is adopt the same process you would use for sending an email to your contact but instead choose the secondary Email-to-SMS address that was set up earlier.

PLEASE NOTE: A couple of things to be aware of, you can leave the subject line blank as the body of your email will end up as the body of your SMS message. You will also want to remove any signatures that are already placed within the email as you draft your message, otherwise these will be sent as part of your SMS message.

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