SMS Text Messaging for Recruitment Agency Software

With increased competition in the recruitment sector, trying to find ways to differentiate your business from the competition is becoming harder. Increasing competition to fill vacancies before competitors is one key factor. Often it is the agency that can also get work for the person first that will keep a job seeker happy. If you can’t alert a candidate to a job before your competitor you risk losing valuable business.

Perhaps the biggest headache for any recruitment agency is ensuring positions are fulfilled on time. Attempting to contact potential candidates can often be a frustrating, expensive and time consuming experience. By sending an SMS to all suitable candidates for a vacancy rather than calling around you can make instant savings in both time and money. A potential job seeker can then reply to this text. This way you are offering a cheap alternative for them to answer your request.

Save time & money with text messaging
Imagine the following scenario. You have just taken a booking where you have promised to provide 30 Silver Service waiters by the following week. Normally this would involve making 30+ separate telephone calls (often expensive landline to mobile calls) whilst you attempt to fill each position. Surely there must be an easier way?

By utilising text messaging, within minutes of the booking becoming available you could text the relevant jobs details to all of your registered job seekers, therefore saving time and costly phone calls. Job seekers who receive this text message can then instantly reply via text and either accept or decline your offer of work.

“M:Science SMS Server has revolutionised our communication between temporary personnel and available positions,” commented Chris Cook, Director, 360 Recruitment. “We now send relevant and accurate information to tens and hundreds of candidates in just one go. The system also changes the way in which job seekers can apply to the vacancies. In just a few keystrokes, candidates can reply straight back to us as well.”

SMS Server allows you to send and receive text messages using all of the most popular email applications (and 3rd party systems). Simply type the message into your email application and send. It is as easy at that. In addition SMS Server allows people who receive your message to reply as they would to a normal text message. This reply is then received directly into your email inbox allowing you to easily manage at your convenience.

SMS integration with recruitment software
M:Science products are integrated into all the leading recruitment software products and can be easily and quickly set up within a few hours. M:Science has been working with First Choice Software since 2008 and has a large number of RDB ProNet customers benefitting from the SMS service. The SMS solution offers full two-way integration, allowing inbound replies to go directly into RDB ProNet.

The M:Science SMS text messaging service is also available in Bond Adapt, a sophisticated staffing and recruitment software system, Matchmaker Recruitment Software, which caters for every type of recruitment business, offering dedicated modules designed for the job, as well as TempAid, a recruitment payroll and billing solution.

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