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SMS Email Gateway FAQ

Find answers to common questions about SMS Email Gateway. If you cannot find an answer to your query do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors.

How much does it cost?

SMS Gateway is free to use and there are no setup fees. You just go onto the website and complete the sign-up process. You will receive a small bundle of free messages to test with. After that you need to purchase bundles of messages through the website. Please visit our pricing page to see how cheap our messages cost.

What do I need?

You need a mail server capable of redirecting certain domains to selected SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers. Most leading mail servers will do this including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise. It should be noted that in order for delivery to be authenticated, the mail server must be configured to send directly to the M:Science servers.

How do I sign up?

Sign-up for SMS Online. Once registered, log into SMS online and perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration->Account Setting and check ‘Enable SMTP Gateway’
  2. Enter the external IP address of your mail server in to ‘Mail Server IP Address:’
  3. Navigate to Personal->Settings and check ‘SMTP Gateway user’
  4. Ensure that the sending email address is in the Email box of the personal settings.

Once, this is complete, the configuration of the mail server will need to be changed to forward mail intended for SMS to the M:Science server. Refer to the online help for SMS Online for the steps required to do this.

How do I send messages?

The SMS Gateway operates by assigning a domain for sending text messages. This is sms.m-science.com. So, to send a text message, you would send an email to ‘07832123456@smtp.m-science.com’ (UK numbers only). If outside of the UK, fully qualified international numbers are required. For example: ‘+447832235339@smtp.m-science.com’.

Can I receive Messages?

As long as ‘Forward to email’ is checked in the personal settings for that user, any inbound messages are automatically sent to the email address specified in that user’s configuration settings. A dedicated inbound number or shared inbound number and keyword will need to be leased to use this.

How do I get an inbound number?

Log on to SMS Online and navigate to ‘Administration->Inbound Numbers’ and select ‘New’. You will be given the option of evaluating or purchasing a dedicated inbound number or acquiring a keyword on a shared inbound number. Inbound numbers can be paid for via credit card on the website or via pro-forma invoice. Dedicated inbound numbers take around five days to be configured upon completion of which the purchaser will be contacted.

How do I prevent SMTP spoofing?

The SMS Gateway settings allow a single IP address to be specified for connecting to the service with a particular account. This means that only messages originating from your mail server can get through. The problem with this is that if your mail server publishes an externally accessible SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server, it would be possible for an external hacker to log on to that gateway and send messages as though they were from someone inside the company. In the event that this user was an SMS gateway user and the message was sent to the gateway, it would be possible (albeit unlikely) for an external hacker to send unauthorised text messages. This area of security is responsibility of the client company and M:Science cannot be held responsible for messages lost by insufficient security measures.

Is there a manual?

A configuration and use of the SMTP gateway is described in full as a part of the SMS Online user help. This can be accessed by pressing help on any of the SMS Online pages. Alternatively, you can download the product white paper.

Can I send foreign characters?

SMS Online sends text messages in GSM 03.38 format compliant with the majority of mobile phones. It will do it’s best to convert any special characters but may not exactly mirror the original message.

Why am I getting three messages when I sent one?

Care must be taken to deactivate automatic signature systems when using the SMS Gateway. These can either be added by the mail client (e.g. Outlook) or at the server. This may unintentionally cause a longer message than was intended to be sent. You will also need to consider disclaimers as these will also need to be removed from any messages you send.

How do I verify message delivery?

When sending an email via the gateway, be sure to check the ‘Request Delivery Receipt’ option in your mail client. Then, as long as the ‘Forward to Email’ check has been set in the user settings, status receipts will be forwarded back to the originating email account. You can also view the delivery receipt status by simply logging in online (using the www.m-science.com website) and clicking Sent Messages. Here you can view all of the messages that have been sent for a set period, along with each and every Delivery receipt status - which can be found under the Status column.

How do I top up my account?

Simply log into SMS Online using the credentials sent to you upon registration and navigate to ‘Administration->Purchase Messages’. Here a table of message bundles is presented including the option to top up the interconnect fund. Messages may either be securely purchased through the website using a bank card, which will be instant, or alternatively via a pro-forma invoice raised and sent to M:Science along with the funds. Credit will be added upon receipt.

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