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SMS Online FAQ

Find answers to common questions about SMS Online. If you cannot find an answer to your query do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors.

How much does it cost?

SMS Online is free to use and there are no setup fees. You just go onto the website and complete the sign-up process. You will receive a small bundle of free messages to test with. After that you need to purchase bundles of messages through the website. Please visit our pricing page to see how cheap our messages cost.

What do I need to get texting?

Simply a compatible Web browser and that’s it. SMS Online has been tested and will work with all major browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
  • SeaMonkey

You must also be sending to one of the covered countries. Please refer to the coverage chart to see if your area is covered.

Can I receive messages?

You can lease either dedicated inbound numbers or shared inbound numbers with keywords. If you lease a dedicated inbound number you have the choice of routing all messages sent to this number to one or more users or allocating any number of keywords such that when a message is sent to the number which commences with the keyword, it will get routed any selected user.

Can I send messages to other countries?

Yes, you simply specify the international country code on the front of the phone number with a plus. In some countries, it will be necessary to remove a prefixing zero before adding the country code. For example: 07832123456 in international format would become +447832123456

Can I forward messages to my email?

Messages can be dynamically routed to email as required. Each user may have one email address associated with their user account. Messages sent to this user can then be optionally routed to that email address.

Can I send to multiple recipients?

It is possible to either select multiple recipients from any address book to form a distribution list or to send directly to all of the contacts in a contact folder or all of the users in a department.

How do I import my contacts?

Contacts can be imported in comma separated variable (CSV) form. Many databases will output records in this format. You should be careful to ensure that each line consists of one contact name followed by a comma and the fully qualified international number. You will need sufficient credit to send to all of the resultant contacts in your account in order to be permitted to perform the import.

How do I know if my message has been delivered?

A delivery receipt is the acknowledgement M:Science receives from the relevant mobile phone network. This acknowledgement is then updated with the relevant status, again provided by the networks, letting us know whether the message has been delivered or has failed.

With every message provided by M:Science you have the ability to view a delivery receipt. These delivery receipts are provided to M:Science by the relevant mobile phone networks and act as an acknowledgement from the networks that they have successfully received your message. This acknowledgement is then updated with the relevant status of whether or not the message has been delivered to the handset. The simplest way to view a delivery receipt is to login online (using the www.m-science.com website) and once logged in, by clicking Sent Messages and viewing the Status Column.

Help! I've forgotten my password.

Click the forgotten password link on the login page and your password will be emailed to you.

Can I have more than one user associated with my account?

Yes, the initial user created automatically by the registration process has administrative privileges. This means that they can create and edit new users or more administrators. Each one of these will have their own set of login details, however if they are not an administrator they will be restricted in any configuration changes they can make.

What rules can I apply to inbound texts?

There is a simple routing mechanism build into SMS Online. First a test is applied to each inbound message. This is a check to see if the message begins with or contains a specific keyword. If this test passes, then an action can be applied. This is either to automatically reply to the message with a template or to move the message to a folder.

Can I use SSL?

SSL is in fact by default used. If your organisation only allows web access on port 80 (non-encrypted), then it is possible to access the service via http. Please contact M:Science support to obtain the latest links.

How do I get an inbound number?

Log on to SMS Online and navigate to ‘Administration › Inbound Numbers’ and select ‘New’. You will be given the option of evaluating or purchasing a dedicated inbound number or acquiring a keyword on a shared inbound number. Inbound numbers can be paid for via credit card on the website or via pro-forma invoice. Dedicated inbound numbers take around five days to be configured upon completion of which the purchaser will be contacted.

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