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SMS Server FAQ

Find answers to common questions about SMS Server. If you cannot find an answer to your query do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors.

Is there a cost for the software?

SMS Server is licensed in the traditional way with per user breakpoints and modules for the API components. Once you have purchased M:Science SMS Server you can control your monthly and annual costs based only on how much you use the service. Please visit our pricing page to see how cheap our messages cost.

What skills do I need to setup the SMS Server and how long would it take?

With a basic understanding of Network software you should be able to set up the M:Science SMS Server. You will need access to the machine where SMS Server will be installed, and the machine itself will need access to the interne, unless you are using a GSM modem. You will need access to the firewall port settings if you are to use IP as your method of transport. For the SMTP gateway you will also need access to your Mail server. With all these resources available, set up of M:Science SMS Server should take no more than 15 minutes. For an in-depth look at the product download the white paper.

What is the difference between GSM and IP as a transport method?

GSM means that you will host your own GSM modem with a SIM card of your choosing to send/receive SMS messages. The limitations with this option are that you can only have one inbound number routing to your M:Science SMS Server and per message costs will be higher. However, this method is useful for people wishing to use SMS Server as an Alerting tool and do not want to rely on a LAN/internet Connection being available.

The M:Science secure IP Service allows you to connect to the GSM network using your Internet connection giving greater bandwidth for volume messaging, cheaper per message costs and the facility for multiple inbound numbers routing back to your M:Science SMS Server. Please visit the SMS Transport Options page.

Can mobiles from any UK network receive messages sent from M:Science SMS Server through IP?

M:Science offers a premium SMS service for businesses with connection agreements in place with all UK vendors, guaranteeing delivery every time. To guarantee message delivery you have the ability to request and view delivery receipts. Please visit the SMS Transport Options page.

Is the inbound facility purely a reply service?

Whether using your own GSM device or our IP service, you can send messages to your M:Science SMS Server at any time. With GSM the number will be that of the SIM card you are hosting. With IP the number will be provided by M:Science with the option for multiple and sequential numbers available.

Can I text enable my website / own applications?

M:Science SMS Server has a developers API available as an additional module, giving you the tools you need to SMS enable your web pages and applications in a few simple strokes. Please visit the SMS Integration page.

How can I guarantee that my text messages will be delivered?

Whether you are using an email client, web page, 3rd party client or our own SMS client you can opt to have delivery receipts for your outbound messages. These work in exactly the same way as delivery receipts on your mobile phone and are available with the one-way and two-way IP service as well the GSM delivery method. For users who require 100% mission critical performance a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available as an option. Contact us for more information.

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