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SMS Transport Options

M:Science SMS Server offers three primary types of transport mechanisms to enable text message delivery:

  • Internet via M:Science Secure IP (Internet) Gateway
  • GSM Modem

Internet via M:Science Secure IP (Internet) Gateway

The M:Science Secure IP Gateway Service allows you to connect to the GSM network utilising your own internet connection. This gives greater bandwidth for volume messaging, cheaper per message costs and the facility for multiple inbound numbers routing back to your SMS server.

Unlike other SMS solutions we utilise a Premium Gateway so that you can be confident that messages are relayed instantly as well as having the ability to request current message status and delivery receipts. For users who require 100% mission critical performance a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available as an option.

Main Features:

  • One-Way or Two-Way Service
  • No charge for Inbound Messages
  • Service and Bandwidth Resilience
  • Extensive Worldwide Coverage
  • Competitive Message Pricing
  • 30,000 Outbound Messages per hour
  • 15,000 Inbound Messages per hour
  • Up to 60 times the speed of GSM
  • Online Account Management
  • Delivery receipts for messages
  • Online Message Purchasing
  • Service Level Agreement available

SMS to PC Inbound Messaging

M:Science SMS Server offers a true two-way SMS service allowing you to both send and receive text messages from a PC. Inbound numbers are used to allow mobile phone users to send a text message directly to your email system, application or website.

With the M:Science secure IP Service there is no limit to the number of inbound numbers you can have. Therefore you could setup different inbound numbers for different purposes. e.g. A different inbound number for each department, building or region of an organisation.

PC to SMS Outbound Messaging

The M:Science outbound service allows you to send SMS text messages at a low cost rate depending on the volume of messages purchased. Our premium based service allows you to request delivery receipts to guarantee that a message has been delivered to the intended recipient.

Interconnect Charges

For destinations where they apply, interconnect charges are charged per message, over and above the standard message price already paid. Interconnect charges are subject to change at any time without notice due to interconnect agreements introduced between countries and their mobile operators. You should refer to this list regularly to view the charges currently in operation.

GSM Modem

GSM means that you will host your own GSM modem with a SIM card of your choosing to send/receive SMS messages. This is useful for people wishing to use SMS Server as an Alerting tool and do not want to rely on a LAN/Internet Connection being available. The limitations using this method is that you can only have one inbound number routing to your SMS Server and per message costs will be higher.

The cost of using this transport is via the tariff of the SIM in the GSM device you are using. See your network provider for this information.


The PSTN/TAP Service uses a standard PSTN modem to deliver messages to a TAP (Telecator Alpha-Numeric Protocol) service provided by one of many cellular providers. This transport can achieve between 2 and 5 messages per minute. Note that a standard analogue line or analogue extension is required.

The cost of using this transport is via the telephone bill of the standard telephone line you are using. For call charges, please consult your telephony provider.