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The Power of SMS

Texting is the most effective communication and marketing tool available.

92% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone

82.5 million mobile subscribers in the UK

97% of text messages are read

90% of texts are read within four minutes

Effective and Direct

People are more likely to see, read and act on messages through their mobile phones than any other form of communication. Even the cheapest, most outdated device can receive SMS messages. And that is the beauty of it. It is simple, effective and direct.

SMS stats

After 20 years since the first SMS message was sent, texting has become engrained into everyday lives. In recent studies* it was revealed that text-based communications are surpassing traditional phone calls or meeting face to face as the most frequent ways of keeping in touch for UK adults. The average UK consumer now sends around 200 texts per month, with over 150 billion text messages sent in 2011, and more than half (58%) of UK adults use text messages at least once a day to communicate with family and friends.

*Ofcom report July 18, 2012

INSTANT: Mobile phone users have constant access to their devices and SMS – messages can be received and read instantly – usually within four minutes.

RELIABLE: SMS messaging is not reliant on web connectivity issues, device or operating system - every mobile phone is capable of receiving text messages.

DIRECT: Messages are sent directly to the intended recipient’s hand.

FAST: 30-50 messages can be sent per second (144,000 messages in an hour) when using M:Science’s SMS web service.

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