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SMS Alerts, Notifications & Reminders

SMS messaging is an extremely useful and reliable form of communication to deliver alerts, notifications and reminders to customers, patients, the public and staff. Mobile phone users have constant access to their devices and SMS messages can be received and read instantly – usually within four minutes. Text messaging also provides an accessible and cost effective facility for recipients to reply.

The NHS loses thousands of pounds each year to missed appointments, and commercial organisations also lose out on valuable time and revenue if an appointment is missed. Harnessing the power of text could prevent this scenario via a simple reminder text.

Customer Relationship Management

Commercial businesses are always looking to improve customer service, and the humble text message can play a pivotal role. Sending out notifications to customers regarding a delivery update, notification of a repair or update on a service can significantly improve customer relationships and loyalty.

Public services can also exploit SMS to their advantage by providing regular and informative alerts and updates. Many councils and emergency services around the UK are already utilising the form of communication to keep their residents informed about traffic incidents, flood warnings and planning applications.

Mobile phone users have constant access to their devices and SMS – messages can be received and read instantly – usually within four minutes.
SMS messaging is not reliant on web connectivity issues, device or operating system - every mobile phone is capable of receiving text messages.
Sending bulk text messages is the most cost effective form of direct communication.

Using their in-house bespoke application, Black & Decker needed an SMS module to send automatic notifications to clients from its service centre. This meant every time a repair was completed, on a power tool for example, an automated message would be sent, saving time and money making phone calls.

A number of housing associations are using SMS messaging to send and receive texts to the association’s tenants. SMS Online is now being used to contact tenants when rent is overdue, and to remind employees about appointments made on and off site.

One partner offers a software based solution to a wide number of beauty salons and spas globally. Its software manages appointments and sends out SMS messages to confirm appointments. Currently the system automatically sends these messages two days before the appointment is due. The aim of these is to reduce business and money lost in missed appointments.

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