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System Monitoring Alerts

With businesses and organisations heavily reliant on the uptime of data centres and IT systems, the IT manager, or team, need to be fully aware of any faults or interruptions to service. The systems, especially in mission critical ones, require constant monitoring and report capabilities 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

When faults are detected, such as UPS alerts, mail server problems, irregular comms-room temperature or even a server drop off, they are usually assessed and prioritised. Faults that require immediate action are then notified to the relevant IT duty manager, who will make a decision on appropriate action.

SMS Alerts

Monitoring systems, such as Ipswitch’s WhatsUp Gold, Solarwinds’ Orion NPM or CA Nimsoft Monitor, will utilise a number of methods of communicating these alerts to the IT manager, and one of the quickest and most reliable ways is via SMS.

SMS technology, such as M:Science SMS Server, can be easily integrated into any monitoring solution, and enable the IT manager to receive instant automated messages whilst on call through the day or night.

Automated alerts give instant notice of faults 24/7/365
Benefit from more efficient IT Infrastructure
Improve staff relations and communication

“With our sizable IT infrastructure and support we have to send out over 200 SMS messages in one burst. M:Science SMS Server allows us to do this quickly and efficiently. We have seen a 40% saving on costs using SMS Server.”
Dave Whitehead, Kellogg Brown & Root - Halliburton

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